F130 Wall Mounted Pool Lift


The F130 is a wall mounted poolside lift which can be used with a transporter chair or a sling.

F130 Pool Lift Wall Mounted

Lifting Capacity: 140kg
Max Arm Travel: +1150mm. -250mm.
Time of Down-Lifting with weight: 23 sec
Time of Up-Lifting with weight: 17 sec
Total weight: 45kg
Battery: 24V
Power: 12V
Electronic Control Box
External Battery Charger
Rotation: 350 degrees
Wall Plate Mounting: 90×20 cm
Frame: Powder coated stainless steel
Remote Control

The F130 uses a Linak control box and rechargable battery pack. The lift requires an attendant or carer to swing the boom arm into positon from the poolside to a suitable area over the pool.


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