Molift Nomad Portable Ceiling Hoist

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The Molift Nomad is a lightweight and portable ceiling hoist which is suitable for transfers between rooms and temporary installations. Weighing only 6.8kg the Nomad has a lifting capacity of up to 255kg. The unique curved design features integrated 4-point suspension providing the user with a comfortable and safe hoisting experience.

Molift Nomad is equipped with extensive safety features such as electrical emergency lowering, electronic overload protection and emergency stop. The hoist is operated by means of the easily accessible handset or the integrated display on the front.

There are 4 versions available with a safe working load of either 160kg, 205kg, 230kg or 255kg. The Molift Reacher Arm allows the Nomad to be easily connected and disconnected by a single caregiver.

Molift products feature an automatic service notification system which calculates when a service is required and alerts the hoist user. The integrated software can also retrieve data about hoist usage and service history.

Molift Nomad Technical Data:

Weight, total: 6.8 kg
Material: Fibre armoured plastic and aluminium
Motor: 24 VDC Battery: 26,4 V NiMH 2,2 Ah (Type EMP 2200CS) 1221115
Battery charger: Type 2215 10-20 cells
Protection: IP24
Lifting capacity, SWL (Safe Working Load): 255 kg (560 lbs), adjustable to lower loads
Lifting height: 2 meters
Lifting Speed: 23 mm/sec w/load, 26 mm/sec without/load
Number of lifts with fully charged battery: approx 60 (standard lifts 75 kg, 50 cm)
Operating forces: Buttons on hand control: 3,4 N Buttons on lifter: 1,3 N
Measurements: 522 x 200 x 330 mm (LxBxH)


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