Oxford Voyager 420 Ceiling Mounted Hoist

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The Voyager 420 will satisfy the majority of manual handling requirements with a maximum user weight of 190kg (30st/420lbs). The Voyager 420 is available in a 2-way (powered vertically, freewheel horizontally) or 4-way model (powered horizontally and vertically ). The standard Oxford spreader bar supplied, allows use of the full Oxford sling range.

Lifting capacity: 190kg (420 lbs / 30 st)
Average weight: 12.7kg (28lbs) including battery
Electronic soft-start and stop motor
Manual and electric emergency lowering device
Emergency brake (for mechanical failure)
Emergency stopping device
Current limiter for circuit protection
Low battery disconnect system to protect batteries from being drained
Lifting speed:4cm/sec (1.6in/sec)
Horizontal displacement speed: 20sm/sec
Vertical and horizontal motor: 24VDC 1/12 HP
Strap length up to 2.2m
ISO 10535 compliant


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