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When considering what pool hoist to choose, the crucial factors to think about are the needs of the end users of the pool hoists and the carers or staff that need to operate the equipment. You should also decide if the lift is going to be for just one person, or needs to be suitable for a range of users. To help you out, the mobility experts at Dolphin Mobility in Surrey can provide you with all the advice you may need and information on all of our pool hoists.

Find a suitable solution for your pool

Your general environment and surrounding area of your pool will determine where the hoist is situated. The ground will need to be level and there will need to be a suitable area to fix the socket into if you are having a fixed pool lift. It is also helpful to know what is underneath the pool deck.

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Who will be using the pool lift?

The most important factor to consider is the needs of the end users of the pool lift and their carers or any staff that may be required to operate the equipment. Is the lift specifically for one person or group of people or is the requirement to provide a lift that is suitable for as many people as possible? Generally speaking the person is hoisted into the water by means of a spreader bar and sling arrangement or by sitting in a chair.

How our pool lifts work

Most pool lifts are hydraulically operated or work under battery power, utilising a removable battery pack that can be plugged into any 3-pin power point. Some lifts use water from the pool to operate but our technicians at Dolphin Mobility prefer not to deal with these models.

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Fixed or Portable Pool Lift?

Socket-based pool lifts generally need to be inserted into large amounts of concrete. The socket is sunk into the deck leaving a level surface when not in use. If the concrete isn’t deep enough, some lifts can be installed using an above ground plate. Even if there is enough concrete there is often a layer of screed which can mean a longer socket needs to made. For areas without sufficient anchoring, portable pool lifts are available and a very popular option.

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Manual or Powered Lifting?

Manually operated pool lifts generally incorporate a winding handle or a lever which is pumped in order to the lift the person that is being transferred. On the plus side this means you don’t need to worry about charging a battery. However, some users find manual pool lifts to be less dignified than the powered versions. In public pools especially, this can put people off using them.

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Manual or Powered Rotation?

Most pool hoists rotate manually, which means someone has to turn the lift for the person sat in the chair or sling. The second type has an extra motor which uses battery power to provide the turning motion. This means that the lift can be used independently by the user or it can be operated by an attendant, carer or lifeguard.

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Hot tubs, spas and jacuzzi hoists

Depending on the site conditions, we can provide improved access to hot tubs, spas and jacuzzis. One of our most popular and cost-effective solutions is the Handi-Move Wall Lift. If your spa is close to a wall or a robust upright structure this wall lift is an excellent solution.

Hot Tub Hoists

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