Specialised patient hoists for rebound therapy in Surrey

Rebound therapy is proving to be incredibly popular as an effective treatment for disabled people. Using a specialised patient hoist, those with reduced mobility can get on and off a trampoline with ease.

Dolphin Mobility offers a great range of affordable, reliable and practical trampoline hoists for rebound therapy. Our team work throughout Surrey, London and the home counties and can recommend, supply and install a patient hoist to suit your particular needs and surroundings.

The Victor 2600 Hoist

Manufactured by HandiMove International, the Victor 2600 Hoist is one of our most popular patient hoists specifically used for rebound therapy. The Victor 2600 has a large lifting range and can lift you from the floor or from your wheelchair onto the main bed of a regulation size 77A trampoline with ease.

Victor Trampoline Hoist
Trampoline Hoist Case Study

Patient hoists for sunken trampolines

Rebound therapy is becoming increasingly popular in schools. However, if your school has grounds equipped with sunken trampolines where a normal patient hoist will not be suitable, Dolphin Mobility recommends the Handi-Move Mobile Pool Lift. It is the perfect hoist for transferring your patients from their chairs on to the bed of a sunken trampoline.

Sunken Trampoline Hoist
Sunken Trampoline Case Study

Our Products

  • Handi-Move Victor 2600 and 2610 Mobile Hoist

  • Sunken Trampoline Hoist

  • Gantry Hoist for Trampolines

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