Innovative and practical home lifts in Surrey, London and beyond

Providing greater ease of movement, home lifts are indispensable if you have mobility issues. Dolphin Mobility in Surrey can professionally install a state-of-the-art home lift that will enhance accessibility for customers who are disabled, elderly or recovering from illness or injury.

Our wheelchair lifts are designed for two-storey accommodation and can be customised to fit any space. They are also known as home lifts, platform lifts, vertical lifts or through floor lifts. Our products operate by moving up and down through a ceiling aperture. When not being used, our wheelchair lifts can be parked at either level, making your return trips easier and saving you space.

Home lifts designed by respected manufacturers

Operating throughout Surrey, London and the home counties, Dolphin Mobility is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of modern home lifts. We stock the latest models from innovative manufacturers, such as:

Dolphin Mobility has chosen to work with these companies as their domestic lift products have unique and highly functional qualities, such as side hung cabins, self-supporting structures and dual entryways.

Alternatives to open cabin home lifts

For many years the only cost effective home lift was the type with an open cabin. The only alternative to these was to install a costly public access style lift which usually required a required a pit or lift shaft to be formed. Whilst the open cabin lifts are still the most popular, all of the manufacturers now have versions which have an enclosed cabin. This has helped to bring down the price.

Home Lift Options

Home Lift design has improved enormously over the past decade. They look better and there is a vast array of options to choose from. There is a comprehensive range of cabin shapes, track lengths and fixing solutions to suit every application.

There are residential lifts available for people that want to stand, lifts with seats inside the cabin, lifts that can accommodate all shapes and sizes of wheelchairs, and lifts that can accommodate a person and their carer together. With the right home lift you can also carry luggage, washing baskets and vacuum cleaners upstairs safely. Our surveyors can help you choose the right product to meet all of your needs.

Our Home Lift Products


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