Choose the right stair lift

If you have mobility issues, chairlifts and stair lifts can ensure you have easy and unfettered access to any room in your home. Stair lifts can provide you with freedom of movement, independence and an enhanced quality of life.

In union with Occupational Therapists (OT’s) local authority housing managers and our many private customers, our experts at Dolphin Mobility in Surrey have compiled a downloadable guide to having a stairlift in your home. This guide will give you all the information, hints and tips you will need to make an informed choice when considering a chairlift or stair lift.

Download our stair lifts guide

Stair Lifts - Swivel Seats

A swivel seat enables you to turn the chair when you reach the top of the stairs, so that you are facing away from the staircase when you get off. This makes it much easier and safer to get on and off the lift. The stairlift chair then acts as a barrier so that if you were to lose balance you could not fall down the stairs. In recent years seats have been developed which can also swivel at the bottom of the stairs which is very useful in narrow hallways. There are powered and automatic options available and there are even stairlifts that can swivel to avoid obstacles and clash points as they travel the stairs.

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Stair Lifts - Hinged Rails

If there is a door or passageway at the bottom of the stairs then you will probably need a folding track or hinged rail stairlift. This means that the bottom section of the rail can be folded out of the way when the lift is not being used. This will allow you to gain access to a door that would be blocked by a normal rail and also means that there is no tripping hazard if you have an open hallway downstairs.

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Perching Seats

Many stairlift users struggle with getting in or out of a seated position due to issues with their knees or hips. Our team of professional technicians can recommend, supply, install and maintain your product anywhere throughout Surrey, London and the home counties. Call us today for more information on:

Assisted Standing

Getting out of a seat can be difficult for people with hip or knee problems. Some of the manufacturers have designed chairs which can help get you in a standing position.

For example, the Handicare Active Seat will gently support the user when standing and sitting. Unique to Handicare, the Active Seat has a lift and tilt mechanism which is manually activated by a lever and tilts upwards to support the user when they are getting up, remaining in a tilted upwards position until the user is ready to use the stairlift again.

Our stair lift surveyors will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable chair for your specific needs.

  • Handicare Active Seat
  • Sadler Perch Seat

Seat Belts and Harnesses

Dolphin Mobility only stock the very best stair lifts for the elderly and disabled. Our team of professional technicians can recommend the most suitable seat belt for your needs. For people with more complex needs we can specify a range of harnesses and body supports.

  • Lap seat belts
  • Diagonal seat belt
  • Body harnesses
  • Four Point Harness
  • Five Point Harness


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