How much does a stairlift cost?

Stairlift prices can vary enormously depending on who you ask to quote. As independent suppliers Dolphin can give you prices for every type of stairlift. We’re not a price comparison website who takes a commission from the manufacturer for selling sales leads. At Dolphin we employ our own expert surveyors and engineers. This means that we can provide a complete supply, installation and maintenance service.

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Straight Stairlift Prices

Straight stairlifts are the easiest to price. Most stairlifts come with a manual swivel seat and 4.5 metres of track as standard. If your stairs are longer than this, the price will go up for every extra half metre of rail.

If you have a door at the bottom of the stairs you may need to have a hinged rail or retractable rail which will add to the price. Powered swivel seats and powered footrests will also make the stairlift more expensive.

Some of the manufacturers can have the rail painted a different colour which is another optional extra that will make your stair lift cost more.

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Curved Stairlift Prices

Curved stairlifts are priced based on the length of the staircase and how many bends there are in the stairs. If you have a very narrow staircase this will also probably cost you more because a lot of the stairlifts may not actually fit on your staircase. Spiral staircases can also make the lift more expensive.

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Cost Of Stairlift Options

There are many optional extras available for stairlifts that can effect the price. The price varies according to the manufacturer but here we will try to give you a rough idea of how much each feature will add to the cost of your stairlift.

  • Powered hinge or sliding track
  • Powered swivel seat
  • Two way swivelling seat
  • Powered footrest
  • Five point harness

How much does it cost to maintain a stairlift?

When you have a stairlift installed you will need to have it serviced once a year. You can pay as you go for servicing and breakdowns or you can take out an extended warranty or service package. Prices vary hugely so it’s very important to research this before you sign up to buy your lift. Some companies may not attend breakdowns if you don’t sign up to a maintenance contract.

It has been estimated to cost around £7.50 a year to run a stairlift. This is the cost for the electricity used to charge the stairlift batteries. The batteries will last on average 3 to 5 years and will cost approximately £50 to replace.

Stairlift Funding

The most common source of stair lift funding is through a Disabled Facilities Grant or DFG. These are for people with a disability that need to make changes to their home so that they can continue to live there safely. A DFG won’t affect any benefits that you may receive but they are means tested.

People living in council accommodation can get help having a stairlift installed but in most cases the stairlift remains the property of the council.

Other sources of funding may be found from benevolent funds linked to professions, trades, unions or the armed forces.

In all cases you must speak to the organisation before work starts.

Is there VAT On Stairlifts?

If you are chronically sick or disabled you won’t have to pay VAT because the stairlift will qualify for full VAT exemption. People buying the goods on behalf of a disabled person are still able to claim VAT exemption.

For people that aren’t disabled but are over the age of 60 you can claim a ‘reduced rating’ which is currently 5%.

In cases where the person using the stairlift has an acute condition such as a broken leg that will heal, then VAT must be applied to the invoice.


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