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Due to the narrow staircase design in many UK homes, installing a modern stairlift can be difficult. However, Dolphin Mobility offers you a range of solutions with our comprehensive selection of top quality narrow stairlifts. Our products are designed with special features that make them suitable for most staircases. We can supply and install a stairlift to fit your home, whether you live in Surrey, London or the home counties.

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To make sure you choose the right stairlift for your situation, first consider whether you have a straight or curved staircase. Straight staircases have a rail which runs from top to bottom without bending. The track of the stairlift will follow the rail with the footrest stopping level to the top step. Straight stairlifts cannot run to landings, but can be equipped with swivel seats to make exiting easier. They are also roughly half the cost of a stairlift for a curved stair case. This is because to navigate them smoothly, curved rails require products with enhanced technology.

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Fully customised narrow stairlifts

When budgetary or space issues mean that a straight stairlift must be installed, Dolphin Mobility in Surrey can offer a range of standing or perching seat stairlifts. These stairlifts need less room than a conventional seated stairlift. Please note that you must be able to remain standing or perching throughout the journey and must be able to get off safely at the top. The safest option is to purchase a curved stairlift that runs onto the landing so that you can step off away from the stairs.

Stannah Perching Stairlift

Flow 2 Auto Swivelling Stairlift

The Flow X Curved Stairlift has the most ingenious solution to the problem of narrow stairs. The stairlift seat can be programmed to automatically rotate around tight corners on the staircase to avoid clash points. Theoretically the Flow could be installed on a staircase which is only 610mm wide. Thyssen’s patented swivel technology does makes this unit more expensive than some competitors but in some cases the Flow is the only stairlift that will work on very narrow staircases.

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Downward Facing Stairlift

Normally a stairlift seat will travel up the stairs with the back of the seat parallel to the wall or bannisters. Some of the manufacturers can make the stairlift seat face downwards while it travels which can help help to avoid clash points on a narrow staircase. This option is usually only suitable if there is room at the top of the stairs to run the rail onto the landing. Stairlift brands with a down facing seat:

Curved Stairlifts

Premier products from respected manufacturers

Dolphin Mobility can provide you with a selection of quality narrow stairlifts from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, including:

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