Oxford Mermaid Bathing Hoist

    Product Description

    The Mermaid hoist is a fixed bath side hoist that enables patients to safely transfer in and out of the bath. The Mermaid is available in both electric and mechanical versions and can be used in either a fixed seat version or with the Ranger transporter system.

    • Electric or manual options
    • Wooden and concrete floor fixings are supplied as standard
    • Optional side or end fit configuration, safety arms, commode seat and electric retro-fit
    • Fixed seat or Ranger transporter system
    • Emergency stop/emergency raise (electric option)
    • Detachable battery pack (electric option)
    • Hand control (electric option)

    Mermaid and Ranger lifts can be installed in two positions relative to the bath. The most common is the side fit, where the mast is fixed at the side of the bath and the end fit where the mast is fixed on the centre line of the bath at one end. The end fit option requires a different arm arrangement and must be specified at the time of ordering.


    Reference Documents

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