Handi-Move Seat Sling


The Handi-Move seat sling is the perfect device for accessing a bath or swimming pool. Used in conjuction with any of Handi-Move’s hoist and lifting products the PVC covered seat sling offers convenience, flexibility, strength and easy maintenance.

The seat sling will fit into a wheelchair or chair making it easy to use, whilst the reinforced seating surface and backrest make it a strong, versatile and time effecient aid for lifting people.

When used for bathing the seat sling will assume the form of the bath so that the user can enjoy using the whole tub as opposed to being confined to an upright chair as with most bath seat hoists.

The seat sling is perforated to let water flow out quickly and because it is made with PVC it also dries easily. The slightly reclined sitting position offers safe support during lifting. If, for any reason, the user may slide out of the sling you should use a safety belt, which is available for an additonal cost. The belt fits through the slots on the sling and can be fitted around the abdomen and/or chest.

The user can be lifted in a slightly reclined or recumbent position. This is determined by how much you tighten the yellow strap. If the strap is fully tightened the user will be in a sitting position if the yellow strap is not tightened they will be in a recumbent position. The loop length is also fully adjustable.


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