Stannah Sadler Perching Seat Stairlift


Many stairlift users struggle with getting in or out of a seated position due to issues with knees, hips or even upper body weakness and will find the Stannah Sadler offers a secure solution for getting up and down the stairs. Currently available on curved rail stairlifts, the slim design can also help the Sadler fit into homes where the staircase is too narrow to accommodate a traditional stairlift.

The Sadler’s innovative saddle-style seat lowers and raises with the user and together with its elevated position makes entry and exit easier and more comfortable.

The Sadler’s retractable, secure seatbelt fastens with one hand, so it is easy on arthritic hands. The stairlift will not operate unless your seatbelt is fastened, an safety important feature on a perching seat stairlift.

Folding the arms will automatically fold the footrest ensuring users do not have to bend to fold their stairlift at the top or bottom of the stairs.

Sensors automatically detect any obstruction on your stairs, bringing your Sadler to an immediate stop.

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