Above Ground Trampoline Hoist Case Study

Basingstoke Gymnastics Club can offer gymnastic-based sessions for participants of all ages and with a wide range of conditions. They have been using the Handi-Move Victor Hoist, supplied by Dolphin Lifts, since 2010.

Rebound Therapy Trampoline Hoist

The hoist enables the Gym to lift severely disabled participants from a wheelchair up onto their trampolines, to enjoy some gentle bouncing therapy, or onto the gymnastic floor, for soft play sessions. Rebound therapy has been developed as a means to increase and develop motor skills, aid balance, muscle tone and posture. The benefits are huge and its also a lot of fun for the participants. You can learn more about Rebound Therapy at reboundtherapy.org.

Mobile Trampoline Hoist

Alexandra Campbell, Head of Disabilities at the club, explains how it has changed the lives of those who attend.

“We have around 70 adults on the register here at Basingstoke Gymnastics Club with varying levels of disabilities, from mild to profound, many of whom use our trampoline. We also have a huge mixture of children, and the hoist has been vital in getting them on to use the trampoline – something which most of them are unable to do outside of the club.”

Jade is 19-years old and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy which has caused severe learning and physical disabilities, along with partial sight. Jade wouldn’t be able to use the trampoline without the hoist.

Trampoline Hoist Solutions

Alexandra thinks that trampolining has helped Jade hugely with her movement skills: “Jade absolutely loves the trampoline as it gives her some freedom, sensation and feeling back in her muscles,” says Alexandra. “She is unable to walk so the trampolining sessions have enabled her to have fun and be free as she can stretch out all her muscles and get the feeling back in them, even if for a short while. She has also met new people and interacted with them, which is great for her social skills.

“In the time that we have had the hoist, we have seen so many users smile because it helps them to do the things they were previously unable to do. Just coming here once or twice a week gives them a newfound independence, one they do not always get at home due to their conditions. Their disabilities also cause them stress and so it is great to see them happy after a session on the trampoline. We have also used the hoist to lift members out of their wheelchairs to be placed on matting for additional therapy sessions. At 19, Jade is our youngest member – we have people in their 40s and even 50s using the hoist, which shows that people of all ages can benefit. They all love it!”

Handimove Trampoline Hoist

“The hoist has also made a huge difference to us, since we are unable to do manual handling to get them on and off. If we did not have the hoist, they would be unable to use the trampoline – it has been a lifesaver. Dolphin as a company is great – always at the end of the phone should we need anything.”

Ros, who works at the lodge where Jade lives, said: “Jade loves her time at the club, especially the trampolining as she likes the feeling of movement it gives her. She does not mind being hoisted at all – in fact she rather enjoys it! We could not get her up there without the hoist and so in many ways, it has been her escape from the real world into something more fun and enjoyable, and has given her the chance to do something she would have been unable to previously.”

Craig Dunnage from Dolphin Mobility explains that the hoist in question, the Handimove Victor hoist, is the most suitable for use with trampolines and is highly favoured for rebound therapy: “It will comfortably lift a user from the ground onto a 1.1 metre high trampoline, and unlike many other hoists, will get the user onto the main bed of the trampoline. Because of its size and robust design, it is easy to push and will lift up to 225kg (35 stone) comfortably.”

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