Handi-Move Victor 2600 and 2610 Mobile Hoist


The improved version of the Victor Hoist from Handimove is a very versatile and reliable hoist with an excellent lifting range. The Victor can pick up a person from the floor. You can also lift someone high enough to transfer onto high surfaces including trampolines for rebound therapy.

It can also be used in conjunction with the Multi Harness to assist in standing and walking. It will assist a 2m (6’6″) tall adult into a standing position.

Bariatric Hoist

The Victor hoist is constructed from aluminium, making it lightweight and durable. Features include: User weight limit of 225kg (35st) with fast lift spread possible. Long life hydraulic lift system. Removable, heavy duty batteries increase autonomy. Electric leg positioners. May be used with 2 or 4 point spreader bar, supplied separately, or with the body support system.

Rebound Therapy Approved Trampoline Hoist

The Victor is recommended and widely used as a hoist for lifting people onto and off a trampoline for Rebound Therapy or physiotherapy sessions. The wide range of slings and body support systems complement the Victor’s exceptional battery life and lifting range.

Sunken trampolines are becoming more and more popular and the Victor isn’t suitable with these. We do have a specialist sunken trampoline hoist. You can learn more about this by viewing our sunken trampoline hoist case study.

Fast, powerful, easy to use, versatile and durable

  • The fastest hoist on the market
  • Designed for intensive use
  • Drive service life 10,000 cycles or more
  • Long battery life (160 lifts)
  • Can lift up to 225 kg
  • Durable aluminium and stainless-steel construction
  • Versatile: can be used with a body support, conventional spreader bar, or electrically operated spreader bar
  • Large lifting range, from the floor to a high bed or treatment table, even a trampoline
  • Safe: built-in motor and mechanical emergency down
  • The user’s knees never collide with the hoist during rotation
  • Electrically adjustable base
  • Dimensions: Lift range at minimum (950mm). Extension: 680mm (26½”)
  • Lift range at max 1300mm (51¼”) Extension: 980mm (38½”). Wall plate: 687 x 140mm (27 x 5½”)
  • Weight Limit: 225kg (35st)

Victor 2610 Mobile Hoist with Tilting Spreader Bar

  • For easy positioning in the wheelchair
  • Simultaneous up/down and tilting adjustment with the hand control 360° rotation of the tilting spreaderbar
  • Lifts twice as fast
  • Designed for intensive use
  • Electrically adjustable base
  • Aluminium construction for easy care
  • Exchangeable battery box or direct charging


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