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Mr and Mrs Burgess from Hastings have seen the difference a Home Lift can make, after having one installed for their son Harry. The Terry Harmony Home Lift was supplied and installed by independent mobility specialists Dolphin Lifts, and the family immediately noticed the benefits.

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Harry, 15, suffers from severe epilepsy and has also been diagnosed with degenerative neurological disorder. According to his mum, the seizures started when he was just four years old and have become progressively worse over the years: “It has been a gradual decline since his first epileptic seizures and it has become more difficult for us to carry him up the stairs to his bedroom as he is obviously getting bigger. The lift has been a godsend for us since it has made our, and his, lives a lot easier.”

Harry has also, in the past, fallen down the stairs in the midst of a seizure which makes his body convulse and leads him to lose all control of it. “The lift has given us some peace of mind that this will not happen again when he does have a seizure and has helped us to move past that fear,” explained Mrs Burgess.

Dolphin Lifts was recommended to the family by In Touch, a support charity working closely with Hastings Borough Council to oversee projects for the disabled and any adaptations required in the area. Their main aim, like Dolphin, is to help people live independently in their homes and have a good quality of life.

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Matt Pettet of Dolphin Lifts Kent said: “We are delighted to have been recommended by In Touch to the Burgess family. It is very important to us that people like Harry are able to remain independent in their own homes, whilst also helping parents and carers to have peace of mind that the person they are caring for will stay safe and secure whilst going up and down stairs.”

Mrs Burgess added: “From beginning to end, the process of getting the lift installed took around five months, but the end result has been worth it. Matt from Dolphin was extremely helpful and recommended the best lift for Harry based on his requirements, along with keeping in touch throughout the installation to ensure everything was going well. It means we can now take Harry upstairs when he has his seizures without worrying about dropping and hurting him, or hurting ourselves, which is a huge relief. His condition is deteriorating and means he may be in a wheelchair soon – the lift means we do not have to worry about how to get him up and down the stairs when this does eventually happen.”

Matt added: “We are delighted with Mrs Burgess’ positive feedback. The Terry Harmony Home Lift, like all of the mobility products we supply, has been designed to provide independence not just to the user, but also their families and carers. We understand it can be a difficult job and so want to make their lives as easy as possible too, and we are glad the lift has worked wonders for the family – we wish them and Harry all the best.”

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