HomeGlide Outdoor Stairlifts

    Product Description

    The HomeGlide Outdoor Stairlift for external stairs, is a new lift from Access BDD, a division of ThyssenKrupp Accessibility.

    Combining all of the features and functionality of an internal stairlift, the HomeGlide Outdoor has over 30 new components and more than 80 treated components combining to make a stairlift that is suitable for use throughout the year.

    The HomeGlide Outdoor benefits from high levels of weather protection including coated mainboard, rubber drive cover, protected rack & pinion, and a canvas cover for use when the stairlift is parked. The stairlift has successfully passed a range of industry accepted corrosion, rain protection and climate testing to ensure it is suitable for use outdoors.

    Features and Benefits:

    Innovative –

    HomeGlide Outdoor uses modern technology which means that it is quick to install resulting in minimal disruption for the user

    Robust –

    Built with quality in mind, the HomeGlide Outdoor stairlift was built to last and won’t let the user down.

    Easy to use

    HomeGlide Outdoor is operated with an easy to use constant pressure joystick – just press, hold and go
    Audible fault reporting – The stairlift will alert the user with a series of beeps if there is a problem.

    Element protection

    HomeGlide Outdoor Stairlifts come with a protective shroud which can be used to cover the lift when it is not in use.

    Technical specifications:

    Lifting Capacity: 125kg (275lb)
    Operation: Joystick operation with key switch, infrared call and send stations with push button
    Drive System: Rack and pinion drive
    Rail: Anodised aluminium Incline: 28-53 degrees
    Speed: Max 0.12m/s
    Standard specification: 5 metre rail, outdoor drive, protective chair cover
    Main option: Call and send stations


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