Mobile Shower Bathing Trolley Bench

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3-in-1 Shower, Bath and Treatment System

Handi-Move Model 3370 Shower Bath

An innovative and unique concept in shower bathing trolleys, combining the functions of shallow bath, stretcher shower and nursing table in one mobile package. A unique feature of the Shower Bath Trolley is that the depth of the bath can be up to 200mm (7¾”) deep, giving the effect of a real bath when compared to a standard shower trolley. Combining ergonomic design with modern styling, it provides a new level of operating ease to showering and bathing in professional and domestic settings.

Showering a Disabled Patient

The rim of the trolley can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button, making it possible to collect water underneath the patient if desired.
The rim of the trolley can be raised even higher to allow the trolley to be used like a bath. This position is also useful when transporting the patient.

Changing a Disabled Patient (Dressing and Undressing)

The rim of the trolley, when lowered, allows the main table top to be unobstructed for easy transfers from a stretcher or wheelchair. The trolley can be electrically lowered to wheelchair height and once the patient has been transferred onto the trolley, the sides can be raised back up above the main table top.

Shower Trolley Features and Benefits

  • Three functions: can be used as a shower stretcher, shallow bath, or treatment table.
  • The rim of the shower trolley can be raised and lowered electrically to make showering comfortable and convenient. With the rim in the highest position, it serves as a shallow bathtub.
  • The surface of the shower trolley is pleasantly soft, feels warm, and is easy to maintain.
  • The shower trolley can be raised or lowered electrically to wheelchair height. The shower trolley can even be lowered to a level where users can sit down on it without assistance.
  • Clearance underneath for a mobile hoist.
  • Moveable on castors.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Maximum lifting capacity 200 kg.
  • Optional removable sidebars.
  • It is easy to use the system with a ceiling hoist and sling and there is also plenty of clearance underneath the trolley to use a mobile floor hoist.


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