Handi-Move Updated Body Support System

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The Body Support System is a stainless steel device that automatically grips the users upper body by using the weight of the persons legs in the patented thigh supports. It is a safe, hygienic and easy to clean method of transferring independently or with assistance.
The body support lifts people quickly, safely and easily. It also eliminates the need to constantly launder and replace slings bringing a long term cost benefit despite the comparatively high initial cost.

Self Transfer:

When used in conjunction with the HM2800 ceiling hoist with lateral motor, the body support can help people with a limited range of motion and sufficient muscle tone to transfer independently.

Ideal for Transfers to the Toilet:

The body support’s unique design keeps the waist and buttocks free allowing the user to go to the toliet or change clothes without compromising on comfort ot safety. It can be easily disinfected between uses and dried when wet, making it far more practical and hygienic than using a sling.

Surehands Thigh Supports:

The patented thigh supports make it possible to distribute the pressure and the body weight uniformly. They also ensure that the body is well balanced when lifting so that the back stays nice and straight. The thigh supports fit securely under the thighs and are made of a rust-resistant material. A variety of thigh supports are available making it possible for people with very different abilities to enjoy the benefits of the Handi-Move body support. The length of the thigh support bands are adjustable to your size and the markings ensure that both bands have the same set length.

Universal Sizing and Ease of Use:

The self adjusting body support cups are large enough for heavy adults and small enough to fit most children. This makes the body support a good investment for a growing child or in institutions with multiple users. The body support can be removed in seconds and replaced with a spreader bar for users who require more support when being lifted, again this is very useful when a large group of people with different abilities need to be transferred. Lifting a person with a body support is significantly quicker than lifting a person in a sling


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