Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist


# Please note this does not include the cost of the rail system which is priced seperately #


Weighing only 5.5 kg (12 lbs.) with the battery and only 4.3 kg (9.5 lbs.) with the battery removed, the Voyager Portable is the lightest portable lift on the market today. The easy-grip handle and rubberized ‘feet’ make it easy to carry and set down anywhere.


With the increasing number of heavy and obese patients, you need a lift that will help your caregivers in those special circumstances. With a 200 kg (440 lbs.) capacity, the Voyager Portable is certified to ensures that you are able to handle most of your heaviest patients.


It is very important that a ceiling lift be operational all the time – anytime. Though our battery can do 30 transfers between charges, there may be occasions where you need more. A spare battery can be available and ready to keep going whenever you need it. Just push a button and the battery pops out, then slide the fresh battery in. In addition, we made sure that our efficient charging system has your battery fully charged within 2-3 hours.


Save time, battery power and use proper ergonomics by releasing the strap to lengthen or shorten it quickly. Rather than hold the lift at shoulder height to attach the lift to the rail, the caregiver can lengthen the strap so the lift can be placed on the floor or chair while the lift is attached to the rail. In addition, the lift can be lifted or lowered into position before and after a transfer without using the battery power. This significantly increases the life of the battery while saving time.


It is extremely important that the lift be operational at all times. Two sets of controls are right on the lift in addition to the handset that is available. This ensures that if the handset is damaged, the lift can continue to transfer your patients in safety.


In the interest of making caregiver tasks more efficient, the fast, efficient motor transfers the patient with a comfortable pace.


The Voyager Portable has several features for emergency circumstances. The anti-crush sensor, emergency brake, manual emergency lowering option as well as the safety testing below ensure the patient and caregiver is protected and safe.

CSA 601.1/UL2601-1 & ISO 10535

This certification is provided by an independent third party that ensures the lift and charging system are safe. The Voyager Portable is in accordance with the new European standard that applies to equipment that transfers persons. The series of tests involved ensure the lift can hold 2.5 times its capacity, the motor will do more that 10 000 cycles and maintain its strength and other tests.

The Voyager Portable seems so small – can it really hold 200 kg (440 lbs.)?

Understandably, you want to be sure your patient lift is safe to use. With the improvements in materials and technology, heavy doesn’t necessarily mean strong anymore. To assure you of the strength of the Voyager Portable, we put our lifts through a series of tests (ISO 10535) that ensure that the lift can actually hold 2,5 times its capacity.

What does the Voyager Portable attach to?

The lift attaches to a wheeled trolley inside a track or rail. This track or rail is either mounted to the ceiling or attached to two posts to support the rail. For more information, see our Voyager Portable Description page.

How do you attach a sling to the Voyager Portable?

On each side of the Voyager Portable lift are black bars with a tear-drop end. Loop the sling straps over the tear-drop end and you are ready to go.

Could the “Quick Release” be pulled when someone is in the lift?

No – built in to the “Quick-Release” are two safety mechanisms. When there is weight in the lift, the ‘Quick-Release knob is locked making it impossible to release the strap. In addition, when the Quick-Release knob is activated, the lift controls are blocked to ensure that the lift cannot be used until it is safe.

I’ve heard the Voyager Portable is made of plastic – is it safe?

The Voyager Portable is made of a mixture of aluminum and a material called Nylatron. This new material, Nylatron is as durable and strong as metal. To ensure its safety, we have put our Voyager Portable through an endurance test of 10 000 motor cycles as well as ensured that it can hold 2,5 times its 200 kg (440 lbs.) capacity.

Can the nylon strap that suspends the lift really hold that much weight?

Our nylon strap can withstand a load of 1364 Kg (3000 lbs.). Much more than we require of it.

Voyager Portable Specifications
Weight – kg (pounds)

5,5 kg (12 lb)

Lifting capacity

200 kg (440 lb)

Audible low-battery indicator


Soft start and stop


Emergency lowering device


Emergency stopping device



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