Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist with Ranger Transporter Chair


Call 01276 856060 to order or send an email to sales@dolphinlifts.co.uk. Full installation service available on request.

The Oxford Dipper poolside hoist is for use at swimming pools, therapy pools and quayside locations with a design that is both flexible and highly functional. The market leading Dipper is hydraulically operated and is a proven, reliable and safe method of gaining access to the water with a weight capacity of 140kg (22 stone). The Dipper hoist can be used with either a spreader and sling arrangement or the RANGER transporter chair.

When you buy a Ranger chair to be used with the Oxford Dipper, two arm rests are included in the price. A lap strap is also supplied as standard and free of charge.

You will also have to allow for a base socket to be fitted. There are three standard fittings, A, B or C. The choice of socket is dependent on the type, layout and construction of pool deck. See the user instruction manual pdf for further details.


Socket A for Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist

Oxford Dipper A Socket


Oxford Dipper Socket B

Oxford Dipper B Socket


Oxford Dipper C Socket

Oxford Dipper C Socket


The base socket is subjected to high loadings during use so it is essential that the immediate area surrounding the socket is a good sound concrete construction.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure that the pool deck is of sufficient strength and depth to accomodate the socket and that there are no services which could be damaged by drilling. The costs for installing the socket are not included in the prices below, please call us on 0800 9800 126 or 01276 856060 to get an idea of likely installation costs.

For further information and an idea on price please call us on 0800 9800 126 or e-mail info@dolphinlifts.co.uk stating the product information that you require.


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