Portable Powered Drive Pool Hoist – The Panda Pool


The Panda Portable Pool Lift has a unique powered drive propulsion system similar to a powered pallet truck which makes it very easy to move into position at poolside.

To operate, simply guide the pool lift to the edge of the pool and engage the brakes. You don’t need to worry about the lift travelling too far because an infra red sensor detects when the pool lift reaches the water and automatically stops the lift.

The chair can be lowered into the water by an attendant using the control on the tiller or by the user themselves, by means of the optional hand control.

Panda Pool Hoists Specifications:

Lifting capacity 145 kg
Max arm travel: 1500 mm
Depth of seat inside the water : 900 mm
Time of lowering with weight: 25 sec.
Time of lifting with weight: 18 sec
Weight : 260 kg
2 speed automatic handling
Autonomy: 100 working cycles
Automatic helm, forward motion by up and down control lever
battery charge level indicator and emergency button
Rotating drive wheel radius: 200°
Hydroelectric box
Manual emergency operation system in case of damage to electric system
Automatic braking system integrated in the wheel
Safety braking system by means of automatic stoppers to prevent from excessive approach to the water
Infrared ground detector
Safety motion system by means of vertical hem switch off
Battery 24V
Battery charger
Zinc coated steel frame + 180° powder coating finish
2 point safety belt
4 or 5 point safety belts (on request)
Removable leg holder
Ground fixing kit (on request)
Handset to control up and down movements (available on request)
Cover (available on request)


Reference Documents

Panda Pool Lift Brochure