Powered Nursing Bench 3000 – R8538

    Product Description

    The height adjustable Pressalit R8538 nursing bench with electric motor and safety rail, folds against the wall when not in use. Suitable for Changing Places facilities, hygiene rooms and home adaptations.

    With an adjustable head and neck support, the slightly curved contour makes this bench extremely comfortable and safe to use. The head support can be moved to either side of the bench.

    The price includes a water collection tray and integrated water outlet.

    Powered Nursing Bench 3000 – R8538 Specifications:

    200kg maximum weight limit
    1800mm long
    700mm height adjustment
    Includes remote control and flexible hose
    Projection when folded with safety rail – 330mm
    Projection when folded without safety rail – 300mm
    Integral water collection tray
    Adjustable head support
    IP66 classified hand control
    Polyurethane foam surface mattress
    Price does not include installation costs.


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