Stannah Starla 600 Straight Stairlifts


The Starla replaces the Sofia and Solus models and can be used on straight and curved stairs in conjunction with the Stannah 600 and Stannah 260 rails respectively.

Fitted to the stairs not the wall

The Starla runs along a slim-line rail and is fitted to the stairs rather than the wall so installation is quick and clean.

Choice of colours to blend in with your décor

Choose from a wide range of contemporary colours, in either luxurious leather or soft woven fabric, so you can blend the chair to your home’s décor.

Easy to get on and off

Using the levers enables you to swivel the seat easily, making it simple to get off the chair. Alternatively, you can choose to have a powered swivel seat, which turns the chair to face the landing automatically.

No need to bend down to fold away chair

A powered footrest button helps with easy folding and is ideal if you have difficulty lifting your feet when getting onto the stairlift.

The position of the controls can be adjusted

The controls can be mounted on either the right or left arm, depending on your preference.

Operate stairlift even when you’re not on it

A remote control allows you to control the stairlift without being on it. You can call the stairlift to you or send it to someone at the top or bottom of the staircase.

Stairlift won’t move until you’re safely seated

The unique seat-load sensor ensures that your stairlift won’t move until you’re safely seated and ready to go.

Seatbelt can be fastened with one hand

Our easy-to-use seatbelt has been developed with customers to ensure it meets their needs and can be fastened and unfastened with only one hand.

Stops automatically if it meets an obstruction

Safety edges on both the carriage and the footrest ensure the stairlift stops gently but immediately if it encounters an obstruction on the stairs.

Stairlift can be immobilised

The control has a keyswitch which can completely immobilise the stairlift, ideal if children are around.

Easy-to-use controls

The control just requires your hand to move it left or right, depending on the direction you want to go, so it’s easy to use, even for those with less able fingers.

Please contact Dolphin on 0800 9800 126 if you would like more information or if you wish to arrange a formal quotation. Alternatively you can check the price of this and other stairlifts on our online Dolphin Stairlifts Prices Calculator.


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