V10 Bariatric Ceiling Track Hoist


    Product Description

    The risk of carers developing lifting related back injuries has never been greater. The V10 is the solution you have been looking for to ensure the safe and dignified transfer of your nonambulatory bariatric patients.

    The V10 is a fixed ceiling lift that offers a lifting capacity of : 1000 lb (455 kg)


    450 kg / 1000 lbs capacity
    electronic soft-start and soft-stop
    emergency lowering device
    emergency stopping device
    clip-on charging station
    return to charge option
    emergency brake
    low battery lift limiter
    overload circuit protection

    The V10 system can be installed on a permanent ceiling mounted track or the flexibility of a free standing semi-permanent rack is available.


    Reference Documents

    V10 En
    V10 Spec En
    KWIKtrak Spec