Used Handi-Move HM2500 Ceiling Hoist

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    Product Description

    ***The HM 2500 is no longer in production. the new model is called the HM 2800***

    The HM2500 Ceiling Hoist

    The Handi-Move ceiling hoist can be mounted to the ceiling, to a wall or in a free standing configuration.

    Self Hoisting Systems

    If you are no longer able to transfer manually but you still have adequate muscle tone and a limited range of motion, it may be feasible for you to self transfer using the Handi-Move ceiling hoist. By choosing the four way powered version of the ceiling hoist, the user can transfer safely and independently from bed to wheelchair, toilet or bath. The optional wireless infrared remote control enables independent users to send the motor away, when not in use, and call it back when you are ready to go.

    Attendant Hoisting Systems

    The ceiling motor takes away all of the strain of lfting and lowering a person. The HM2500 is available with the option of manual lateral movement, which some carers prefer, especially when multiple drop off points are involved. Handi-Move track systems are suitable for professional and domestic applications.

    Ergonomic lifting with no loss of space

    Never in the way
    A suitable rail arrangement for every situation
    Various mounting options (ceiling, wall, or free-standing configuration)
    Available with infrared remote control
    Efficient movements save time
    Can be used with a body support and slings
    The caregiver secures the user
    Effortless movement thanks to 16 wheels with integrated bearings.
    Emergency stop and emergency down accessible from floor level
    High lifting speed
    Dual control
    Also suitable for independent use (with a lateral motor)
    Body Support and Slings

    All Handi-Move hoists can be used with the body support in addition to more conventional slings. This means everyone can be accommodated regardless of their disability.

    Horse Riding for the Disabled

    Handi-Move ceiling hoists are often used with the body support in order to lift disabled riders onto a horse.
    Many equestrian centres have very high ceilings which may prevent the installation of a conventional ceiling mounted system. Handi-Move have designed an ingenious solution to this problem which requires a single fixing position as shown in the image below. The wall mounted tracking is available in 2 and 3 metre configurations only.


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