Hot Tub Access Hoist Case Study

Following the installation of a disabled access hot tub lift. 14 year old Joel Tucker is now able to enjoy regular hydrotherapy sessions at home.

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Joel has RyR1 gene related congenital Myopathy/central core disease which affects his limbs leaving him unable to stand and hydrotherapy plays a huge part in his therapy programme, as his mother Theresa explained: “Joel used to go to Acorns once a month for hydro sessions and whilst this was great his physios said he would benefit hugely from more regular sessions. We therefore took the decision to start a fundraising campaign to raise enough money for a hot tub and hoist.”

Hot Tub Disabled Access

As the family approached their fundraising target they started researching hot tubs and hoisting solutions. Once the hot tub has been ordered, Joel’s parents set about finding the best hoisting solution, and after researching various options they made contact with Tom from Dolphin Lifts as Theresa continued: “From my first conversation with Tom I was extremely impressed with how helpful he and the rest of the team were. They came out to see us and asked many questions about Joel and took lots of measurements of him and his chair, to ensure the hoist was placed in the best position for him to access the water. The installation process was very easy and the training we received was excellent”

Disabled Access hot tub lift

Joel now uses the hot tub at least twice a week and his legs have strengthened considerably since he started using it; and as it is heated he can continue to do so all year round.

“I would not hesitate to recommend this hoist and Dolphin Lifts to other families or centres who are looking for ways to hoist children or adults in or out of a hot tub. From a parent’s perspective it is incredibly easy to use and seeing how Joel is benefitting from more regular hydrotherapy sessions is brilliant” concluded Theresa.

The Handimove wall hoist has been designed for use in confined spaces such as around a hot tub where tracked or mobile hoists are unsuitable and is controlled via a waterproof manual control, making it completely safe for use in an environment where there may be water.

The telescopic arm of the wall lift can extend the radius of its arc from 900mm to 1300mm (354” to 512”) which ensures the user can be easily transferred from their chair. With a maximum user weight of 145kg (22.8 stone) the Handimove wall lift hoist is suitable for most people and when not in use the arm folds flat to the wall ensuring minimum space is taken up.

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