Splash Hot Tub Hoist


Lift yourself into your hot tub with the Splash Hot Tub Hoist from Dolphin. The Splash works with almost any pool or spa. Our surveyors can advise on the most suitable lift for your needs. We produce technical drawings for each site.

Above Ground Hot Tub Hoist

The exceptional height and reach allows the lift to work with swim spas and high walled jacuzzis. This image shows the lift with a pool that is over a metre high.

Hoist into a Hot Tub

Recessed Spa Hoist

The Splash is a great option ff your spa is sunk into the ground. Here we see the extended reach hi/lo version. This was used so we could set the deck anchor back from the wooden decking.

Self Hoisting

Use the 4 button handset to self hoist. If self hoisting isn’t appropriate a relative, carer or attendant can operate the lift on behalf of the service user. To learn more about our hoist solutions for hot tub, visit our hot tub hoists page.

Splash Hot Tub Hoist Video

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