Extended Height and Reach Hot Tub Hoist


The Para Rider Hot Tub Hoist can be used with a 2 or 4 point spreader bar or with the Surehands Body Support. If no supporting structure is available, we suggest the hoist is attached to a steel beam.

Most of our clients fix the hoist to an i-Beam or U shaped steel beam which is buried in concrete. The beam would normally be undercoated with red oxide or galvanised and painted, to protect it from the elements.

We recommend it is buried in a minimum of 600mm cubed of structural grade concrete. You may need to use more than this depending on the soil conditions. A structural engineer should be consulted to confirm the size of concrete block required.

It is essential that the beam is vertical to the concrete base, creating a 90 degree angle.

The device used to lift you from a chair, can be a sling, a seat sling or the body support system.

The seat sling is generally the easiest to use, and costs £324. The sling is attached to the 2 point spreader bar which costs £154.

The body support works for some people but would have to be individually assessed and is much more expensive.

Our stock hoists are painted white, but we can do any RAL colour to suit for an extra £200, however this option adds around 4-5 weeks to the delivery time.

To see the entire range of hot tub access products please visit our hot tub hoists page.


Reference Documents

Para Rider Wall Mount Hoist Drawing 1
Para Rider Wall Mount Hoist Drawing 2


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