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The Complete Range of Elite Hoists

Test Valley Mobility are now part of the Prism Medical Group. The Test Valley Elite Hoist has been discontinued although some spare parts may still be available.

The complete range of Elite hoists have been designed and built to BS EN10535 standards. Combined with a sling from our comprehensive range the Elite hoist can provide safe hoisting in the home, hospital environments and many other applications. All models have battery powered and a manual lowering mechanism to ensure safety at all times in the event of a power failure. The overhead tracking enables movement in confined spaces where a manually transported mobile hoist could impede on valuable and limited working space.

Prior to all installations a full site assessment is carried out to enable an accurate written quotation to be provided. Our Test Valley Mobility trained engineers work to high standards to ensure all installation and service work is undertaken with the minimum of disruption. A comprehensive range of spares is available for the Elite hoist and indeed many other makes of hoist. Servicing and extended warranty contracts are available to ensure our products continue to provide safe moving and handling for many years.

To complement the Elite range of hoists, we are able to offer in excess of 15 different types of slings to suit most requirements. In addition to our standard range we are able to tailor make slings to meet the needs of an individual client. Each sling is colour coded for easy identification, has clear washing instruction and carries a unique traceable number. Sling assessments are carried out free of charge after the installation of a hoist.

Features and Benefits of Ceiling Track Hoists

Compact and aesthetically designed cover

Audible and visual indicators -colour coded markers on the underside of the cover matching the handset buttons to confirm direction of travel.

Tracking can be ceiling mounted, wall-mounted or self supporting on framework.

Soft start when lifting or traversing for smooth operations.

Handset control lightweight clearly marked and touch sensitive buttons for ease of operation.

A fully padded spreader bar incorporating a 360° swivel for accurate transfers.

The Elite Models are: E150, E195, EB150, EB195
Tracking Options
The Elite hoist offers safe transfers from a wheelchair to any number of points with the correct track layout. A simple straight track can achieve access to many rooms providing the property construction allows.

A curve can be formed where a number of hoisting points are required but are not directly in line with each other

Y Junction
Allows the hoist to branch off to the left or right of the main tracking

The turntable allows the hoist to turn off in any four directions at angles of 90 degrees. The turntable can be manually operated or electronically powered depending on your requirements.
Ceiling Track Hoists – Technical Specifications

XY Tracking
Enables full coverage of a room where a number of hoisting points may need to be achieved. This type of system is often used in sensory rooms, soft floor play areas, swimming pools and hospital wards. It also allows room layouts to be changed without the need to reposition tracking.

Track Interlock
Provides a link from a XY tracking system to a second XY or fixed track in an adjoining room.

A Frames
Allows straight lengths of tracking to be supported on floor-mounted frames where the ceiling construction is not suitable. It also provides hoisting for those who only need it on a short-term basis.
Some of these tracking options may involve modifications to the doors headers where possible. This work would be identified at the time of our site survey.

Elite Hoist technical specifications:
E150 – 150Kg (23.5 stone)
E195 – 195Kg (30 stone)

Power Supply
240 volts AC 50Hz single phase switched fused spur.

Operating Voltage
24 volts DC

Safety Features
· Overload sensor with automatic reset
· Emergency battery lowering
· Emergency stop switch
· Over speed safety mechanism

Hoist Tracking
BZP steel extruded channel, 50mm wide x 45mm deep, powder coated white

Track Fixing Detail
Supports required at 1000mm intervals (max)

Track Support Brackets (other supports available)
BZP steel extruded channel, 41mm wide x 21 mm deep, powder coated white

Track Curves
600mm radius (90 degrees)

Due to a policy of continuous improvement and development, specifications and dimensions may change without prior notice. If you have any questions though, please contact us here.


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