Overhead ceiling lifts are the best solution. If only you could eliminate the hassle and cost of installation. Now you have the answer!

Attach the 3 post Easytrack System to a wall instead of a post for more flexibility.

Need more room to transfer? Try our unique 3 post system. Pivoting rail moves from side to side.

What if installing a ceiling track is not an option? Our Easytrack system gives you the same security as a permanent installation.

Get full room coverage with our 4-post system. The center rail moves back and forth allowing you to cover the entire area between the posts.

1. CLICK the pieces together and slide the post up to the ceiling.

2. TWIST the post to tighten it into place.

3. LOCK the rail onto one post.

4. EXTEND and lock the rail onto the other post.

5. FINISH by placing the protective strips and end
caps on the posts.

  • No tools required
  • No contractors required
  • Fits most Standard ceilings in your home


Extendable rail with trolley, 2 Standard posts,
2 Top plates, 2 Foot plates, Rail caps and finishing strips.

2 Post Easytrack Hoist Components


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