Medi-lifter 4 Total Lift


    Product Description

    Medi-lifter 4 Total Lift

    Out of production. Spare Parts still available.

    A high-end every day total lift designed specifically for regular use. A 4 point padded spreader bar with integrated sling safety catches to allow more comfort during transfer.

    Capacity: 500 lbs, 230 kg
    Effortless base open and close with foot pedal operation
    Dual front casters and rear casters with locking brakes
    Maximum height from floor: 72” (182cm)
    Padded spreader bar with 4 hooks

    Suggested weight 45-100 lbs. (20-46 kg) 100-200 lbs. (45-90 kg) 200-600 lbs. (90-272 kg)
    Suggested height 4’-5’11” (120-180 cm) 5’-5’11” (152-180 cm) 6’ + (181 cm +)
    Hammock THA-S THA-M THA-L
    Hammock 6 THA6-S THA6-M THA6-L
    Quick-fit TIR-S TIR-M TIR-L
    Hygienic THY-S THY-M THY-L
    Band* TST-S TST-M TST-L


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