Arjo Maxi Sky 2 Ceiling Hoist

    Product Description

    The Maxi Sky 2 or MS2, is the new ceiling hoist from Arjo. It replaces the V5 Duo in Arjo’s range of overhead lifts. It runs on the same kwiktrak rails as the V5 Duo. This means older units can be replaced without needing to fit a new track system.

    Maxi Sky 2 hoists have been developed to enable a single caregiver to transfer patients safely without any manual lifting. The hoist is very user friendly and the LCD interface provides instant and clear information on the state of the lift.

    The safe working load of the hoist is adjustable. It can be programmed to function at 120kg, 200kg or 272kg to suit conditions on site. Maxi Sky® 2 is designed for simple on-site upgrades. Powered DPS, Infrared Remote (IR) and Enhanced Charging System (ECS) can be easily added.

    Reference Documents

    Arjo Maxi Sky 2 Brochure

    Arjo Maxi Sky 2 Data Sheet


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