Liko Freespan Gantry Hoist

    Product Description

    The Liko FreeSpan is a flexible gantry hoist which is suitable for most overhead lifting requirements. The FreeSpan is completely freestanding, requiring no fixings to the floor, ceiling or walls.
    The Liko FreeSpan straight rail system is assembled without tools. The lifting system is equipped with wheels, so it can be quickly moved between rooms. This also helps with positioning and makes it easier to clean the room.
    Liko FreeSpan Key Features:

    Max. load: 200-250 kg / 440-550 lbs
    400 kg / 880 lbs with LIko UltraTwin
    Liko FreeSpan leg supports
    Parking Unit
    Pre-fitted carriage
    Span width: 2.0-3.2m / 6’6″ – 10’6″


    Reference Documents

    Liko Freespan User Guide
    Liko Overhead Lifts Dolphin EN