Liko Hoist Tracking and Rail Options

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Liko have been making ceiling hoists since 1980 and have probably got the most comprehensive selection of ceiling tracks, accessories and fixings on the market.

Ceiling Tracks:

Liko ceiling tracks are made of aluminium and are available in two colours, natural (aluminium) or white, to help the tracks blend into the room.

The ceiling tracks, or rails, are available in five different profiles, each with different weight bearing capacity. Essentially, the bigger the distance between fixings, the deeper the rail profile required.

H70 is the lowest cost option and has a full range of switches and curved components. Switching between different ceiling hoist rail systems can be done manually or electrically.

With a turntable installed, the ceiling lift motor can choose tracks in four different directions. Mechanical and electrical versions are available.

A raised traverse carrier is available where a secondary rail is lifted up to the same level as the primary rails. This allows additional lifting height which may be useful when the ceilings are low. Also available is a lower version, used to avoid sprinklers and light fittings etc.


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