Liko Ceiling Hoists

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Liko Hoists can often be fixed direct to concrete ceilings. Several fixtures are available depending on the type of concrete and other local considerations.

Upright Supports are an excellent alternative to a ceiling fixed installation. The slimline uprights blend in discretely and can handle surface mounted pipes and skirting boards without a problem.

Pendants can be used if the ceiling is very high or if light fixtures are in the way of the rails. They can also be used when there is a suspended ceiling present.

If it’s not possible or desirable to ceiling fix, then using wall brackets is a viable alternative. Wall brackets are ideal in a room with concrete walls and may also be a possibility in plasterboard walls with frames.

Wood joists are common to most private dwellings, consequently many celing hoists are fixed to joists. The rail is suspended on pendants with a threaded steel rod which is attached to the wood joist ceiling. The rail is then attached under the false ceiling.

Free standing Liko systems can be used as an alternative to fixed ceiling hoists. They are popular when permanent fixings are not desirable for aesthetic or structural reasons. They may also be used when the lifting need is temporary.

Different solutions are available to easily move the hoist motor between different rooms if and when required.


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