Portable Travel Hoist




The Portable Travel Hoist can be used in the home for day to day transfers but is also compact enough to be taken with you on day trips and holidays.

The spreader bar has been designed to enable a person to be lifted into most cars by lifting them from the front rather than overhead.

The compact folding design means the hoist can be easily stored in the boot of a car by one person, or put in the hold of an aircraft, coach or train.

The Portable Travel Hoist can be used with most loop slings, enhancing and improving the quality of life of wheelchair users and their carers.

The small footprint and front on lifting position of the hoist allows it to be used in confined areas such as a toilet or in a motorhome or caravan.

Portable Travel Hoist Technical Specification:

Hoist Safe Working Load 140 kg
Minimum Overall Length 1060 mm
Maximum Overall Length 1100 mm
Internal Width (min) 445 mm
Turning radius 1150 mm
Legs Open External Width 974 mm
Legs Close External Width 414 mm
12V rechargeable sealed lead acid battery
Mast & Boom weight 7.9 kg
Base Assembly weight 9.0 kg

Folding the Hoist:

The unique design allows the hoist to be folded or erected in less than a minute with no tools needed. The hoist can also be broken down into two or three pieces to make it easier to carry and store.


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