BHM V5 Voyager Duo Hoists



The V5 has been superseded by the Maxi Sky 2 ceiling hoist. It is now out of production but second hand units may still be available. Spare parts should be obtainable for a number of years.

The V5 Voyager Duo is a fixed ceiling lift which enables the caregiver to perform safe lifting with less effort during the transfer of patients with reduced mobility. The Voyager Duo has a lifting capacity of 220lb (100kg) and offers an option to change the initial lifting capacity to a higher capacity of 440lb (200kg). Therefore, the Voyager Duo can adapt to the various care requirements either at home or in retirement homes.

The Voyager Duo’s new ergonomic handset offers comfortable handling and ease-of-use. An industry standard approved waterproof casing (IPX7), as well as Newly-Designed touch pad, ensure years of reliable use. The new stretch resistant cable, which will retract to its original length, makes the new handset extremely user friendly.


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