Sarum used stairlift for curved stairs


The classic, versatile curved stairlift

The elegant Stannah Sarum stairlift is designed specifically to cope with winding or complicated staircases. It negotiates curved bends on either side of the staircase, intermediate landings and corridors with ease.

Enduring style and a slimline design

The Sarum’s traditional seat styling means it looks beautifully at home in any setting. And thanks to its slimline carriage, it takes up very little space. The Sarum is available in an attractive range of modern vinyl.

See how theSarum makes stair climbing easier

1. When you are not using your stairlift it can be folded against the wall, so it’s well out of the way of other stair users.

2. To unfold your stairlift, lightly press down the arms and seat into position and release the footrest, using the footrest lever at the side of the seat. The footrest lever feature is particularly important at the top of the stairs where bending down could compromise safety.

3. A light touch of the button control (or joystick) is all it takes to make your stairlift glide up or down stairs. And because the battery continually recharges, the Sarum’s always ready for use, even in a power cut.

4. At the top of the stairs lightly depress the lever at the side of the chair to make your stairlift swivel round to face the landing. You can then get off easily and safely with your stairlift effectively blocking the stairwell (power assisted swivel available).

5. A remote control enables you to call your stairlift to you.


Reference Documents

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