Handi-Move Ceiling Mounted Pool and Spa Hoist


Handi-Move Ceiling Mounted Pool Lift

The Handi-Move ceiling track hoist is ideal for indoor swimming pools with limited deck space or when multiple transfers are needed, either at poolside or in adjacent rooms. A range of innovative ceiling fixings and extended tape sizes are available to increase installation options. A membrane panel is available and the internal Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) are treated for use in swimming pool environments. The Handi-Move system can also be used to self hoist using the body support system.

Ceiling Fixed Pool Hoist Benefits

Always ready for use.
Exceptionally well suited to intensive use, such as with large groups of wheelchair users.
Easy to use with pools having narrow decks.
Perfect as a spa lift.
Even larger lifting range than the mobile pool lift.
Usable for hydrotherapy.
Body Support and Slings

All Handi-Move hoists can be used with the body support in addition to more conventional slings. This means that everyone can be accommodated regardless of their level of ability. An electrolytically polished stainless steel body support is available for use with swimming pools. For more information on different pool access options, see our guide to pool lifts.


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