Para Rider Horsebox Hoist


The Para Rider Hoist was developed by Dolphin after we were approached by Para Dressage rider Jane Lishman. Jane wanted to know whether there was anything on the UK market which could her help her get on and off her horse while she was at competitions, something which she has struggled with ever since she started competing.

We witnessed Jane throwing herself from her wheelchair onto a hay bale sat on a hydraulic platform until she was perched at saddle level where she would again launch herself onto her horse. Good job no one from the HSE was looking.

Unable to find anything suitable and with the help of one of our UK manufacturing contacts we have created a hoist which can be attached to a horsebox or wall mounted for use in a stables or yard.

The Para Rider Hoist has an easily removable actuator, control box, battery and handset. The innovative design allows it to be stored discretely when the hoist is not in use and the fixings can be adapted to fit a range of horseboxes with a fitting service available, at extra cost, in Oxfordshire.

The Para Rider can be used with regular loop slings or the Handi-Move Body Support. The Body Support lifts people quickly, safely and easily leaving the seat area free. It also eliminates the need to constantly launder and replace slings bringing a long term cost benefit.


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