Overhead Hoist for Mounting a Horse


Dolphin Mobility has many solutions for lifting disabled riders onto a horse. The most popular system is to have a Handi-Move hoist used in conjunction with their Body Support, which is quicker and easier to use than a conventional sling.

Advantages of the Handi-Move Ceiling Hoist system:

  • The only ceiling hoist system that can be used with the Body Support
  • Can also be used with spreader bar and slings
  • More suited to a stable/barn environment. PU treatment and membrane panel available
  • Pneumatic hand control
  • Longer life cycle
  • Optional extra long hand control flex
  • Bigger batteries – more uses between charging. Ideal for larger groups or intensive use

The prices for the overhead track system suitable for use with the Body Support start from £3000. But additional costs may be incurred if scaffolding is required to mount the hoist.

Overhead hoist systems are often used and can be fixed to steel beams if there is a covered area and suitable structure. It is usual for a ramp and platform to be constructed on one side. This makes the job of assistants much easier and, most importantly, safer.


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