Blackpool Couple Experience Benefits of Jacuzzi Hot Tub Lift

Thanks to Dolphin Mobility, Juliet Young from Blackpool can use her Jacuzzi hot tub for vital hydrotherapy sessions with the installation of a BluOne F145 pool lift. This is just one of many hot tub hoist solutions that we can provide.

Disabled Access Hot Tub Hoist

A hospital error seven years ago, and subsequent corrective surgery, left Juliet with one leg four inches shorter than the other and unable to walk. “I had been suffering from severe back pain and it was felt that a hip replacement would alleviate this. During the operation, however, my femur bone went into my pelvis which then broke in three places,” she explained. “The ball and socket disintegrated and I was rushed to another hospital where they operated the following day to try and correct the damage by cutting the femur in half.”

As a result of this, Juliet was in and out of hospital for three years. “Hydrotherapy played a vital role in my ongoing rehabilitation and when we moved into our house here in Blackpool, one of the first things we did was to install a hot tub to ensure I could maintain my exercise programme. The next task was making it accessible for me.

F145B Hoist

“The pool lift from Dolphin has been a lifesaver – without it, accessing the hot tub was near impossible as Angus had to lift me in and out, which was extremely hard work due to the hot tub being level with the platform. Having worked with Dolphin Mobility in the past, we decided to call them up to find out what options were available to us.”

“We also spoke to several other companies and they all said installing a suitable pool lift would not be possible due to the space available and location of the tub and platform. However, Dolphin said this was not the case and thanks to them I am now in my hot tub every day regardless of the weather. The lift is incredibly comfortable to use,” Juliet continued.

The F145B pool hoist is one of the most versatile pool lifts available with the option of being used with either a chair or body harness. The chair can also be adapted to work as an attendant wheelchair for easy access to the poolside. The F145B is suitable for skimmer and deck level pools both indoors and outdoors, and the seat can be lowered much further than most competing products.

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Juliet added: “The remote control is very user friendly and can float in the pool enabling me to self hoist when Angus is not at home and as the pool lift has a weatherproof coating to protect it from the elements we can leave it outside all year round. I would most certainly recommend those who are looking for help with their independence to contact Dolphin Mobility to find out what is available.”

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