Handi-Move Portable Hoist Motor

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Portable Hoist Motor for the Disabled

Handi-Move’s portable motor is a lightweight hoist which is used with overhead tracking or free standing track systems. Weighing only 7kg it is easy to store and to carry from place to place. A special ‘Tarzan’ version is available for looping under doorways to adjacent sections of track. This is ideal in tight spaces or where door headers are difficult or too costly to remove.
Freedom Bridge

If a permanent ceiling track is not feasible or desirable the Freedom Bridge is a free standing system that permits movement in two directions. The solid, stable uprights are available in different heights and widths. The Freedom Bridge can be used with the portable motor or the HM 2500 ceiling hoist.
Portable Hoist Benefits:

Light and compact (7 kg)
Economical: the same motor can be used with different rail sections
Attractive, does not have to remain hanging, easy to move
Easy to hook in place or unhook from floor level
Can be used with a body support or slings
Optional transport trolley for portable motor
Optional ‘Tarzan’ modified version for lifting between two adjoining rooms (e.g. bedroom and bathroom) with a conventional door opening. The door opening does not have to be modified.


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