Monarch Ceiling Hoist

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    Product Description

    Intuitive Controls

    The Monarch Ceiling Hoist has been designed by leading industry veterans. The hoist is a robust, easy to use and ultra reliable means of lifting and transferring people. Buttons and lights have been kept to a minimum which helps to make the controls simple and intuitive.

    Monarch Ceiling Hoist Hand Control

    Intuitive Hoist Controls

    Lithium-ion Battery

    By using lithium ion batteries the lift can be used more often between charges and you can expect far fewer battery replacements. They are also more friendly to the environment than lead acid batteries.

    Monarch Ceiling Hoist Batteries

    Lithium-ion battery


    • More lift cycles: delivers 50% more lift cycles per charge than industry average
    • Less charging time: recharges from full depletion in only 2 hours, with daily charge needed of only 15 to 30 minutes
    • Fewer replacements: battery replacement estimated at every 5 years with normal usage
    • More reliable: fewer service calls for dead batteries
    • Greener: no lead acid disposal issues and longer life of battery
    • No memory effect: battery does not deteriorate from constant charging
    • Power: fast lift speed even at maximum capacity lifting weight

    SureClip Spreader Bar System

    The SureClip system opens outwards giving users peace of mind that the sling is safely secured each time the hoist is operated.

    Monarch Ceiling Hoist Spreader Bar

    SureClip Spreader Bar


    Compatible with other ceiling hoist tracks

    If you already have a ceiling track system in place but need to change the hoist pod, you may be able to replace it with a Monarch hoist using a simple conversion kit.

    Regent FastTrack System

    FastTrack is designed to simplify and speed up installation.

    A comprehensive selection of tracks and bends are available. This means we can provide everything from simple point to point transfers to very complex systems with multiple transfer points.

    XY Track System

    The XY track system is an “H” shaped ceiling lift track. Looking up at the ceiling the tracks will make an H shape. Two fixed, parallel tracks are joined together with a moving straight track.

    This enables patient transfer anywhere within the H shape tracks. This can be especially useful in a bathroom where you may have multiple lifting requirements. XY systems can connect to neighbouring rooms, for example from a bedroom to a bathroom, via a gate system.

    Monarch Ceiling Hoist Parts

    Ceiling Hoist Track Guide


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