Poolpod Platform Pool Lift


The Poolpod is a submersible platform lift which enables disabled people or people with restricted mobility to safely access public swimming pools in a dgnified manner.

The pool lift was developed for the 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority with financial support from the London Marathon trust and has been designed to help any swimmer who finds using a pool ladder or steps difficult.

Swimmers can use the Poolpod with the custom made submersible wheelchair or alternatively they can remain standing while they descend to a comfortable water depth.

The wristband is provided to users to control all movements of the Poolpod by placing the band against one of the illuminated buttons. They work using an embedded chip which is recognised by the Poolpod buttons when it is held within 5cm. The wristbands are 100% water proof.

Dignified and Independent Pool Access:

User operated; no need for assistance
Lowers into the water in less than 20 seconds
Descent, ascent and depth controls are user defined using a RFID wristband
Stylish appearance and modern aesthetic
Complete access system from changing room to pool
Remote operation for pool attendant assisted pool access
Easily removed away from poolside for storage during events

Using the Poolpod Step One:

Move the lift out of the storage position and the door will open automatically.

Using the Poolpod Step Two:

The swimmer self propels the wheelchair onto the pool lift.

Using the Poolpod Step Three:

The swimmer lowers the lift into the water.

Using the Poolpod Step Four:

The swimmer returns the empty pool lift to the poolside.

Using the Poolpod Step Five:

The Poolpod is ready for the next swimmer.


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