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April 2020

Robin XY Ceiling Hoist

Invacare Robin Ceiling Hoist

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We have been supplying and installing the Robin ceiling hoist for some time now. It has proved popular with a lot of OT’s that we work with.

The Robin utilises unique dual strap technology. This means they don’t need a spreader bar. Consequently the client and carer can be sure that eye contact is kept at all times. The strap system also allow the carer to attach the sling with a minimum of effort.

Ergolet Luna Ceiling Tracks

Ergolet Ceiling Lift

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We have recently added the Ergolet Luna to our product portfolio. Luna Ceiling Hoists combine good looks with exceptional functionality. Their wall fixed horizontal E track helps us to fit a hoist where other conventional ceiling brackets or wall posts won’t work.

Luna Hoist Side Mounted Wall Tracks

The same unit can be used as a fixed or portable ceiling hoist. This makes it a cost effective option for care facilities. As a result one lift can cover a wide range of lifting requirements. For more information on the Luna and other overhead hoists call us today on 01276 856060.