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October 2019

PAL Portable Pool Lift for Sale

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East Anglia Childrens’ Hospices have an unused portable pool lift for sale. It is only a few months old.

Upon moving into their new purpose built Hospice, The Nook in Norfolk, it became apparent that the ceiling hoist that they have over the swimming pool was sufficient for their needs and the portable pool lift would not be required.

It is a PAL portable pool lift –

Portable Pool Lift

If you would like more information please contact James Child via email:

Hot Tub Restricted Mobility Access Hoist

Hot Tub Hoists

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The health benefits of owning a hot tub are numerous and well documented. More and more people are using them as an aid for rehab and hydrotherapy.

The problem is that the people that benefit most from this can find it very hard to get in and out of the hot tub.

At Dolphin we have several solutions to this problem in the form of a comprehensive selection of hot tub hoists. Having many different products to choose from means we can specify the best lift for the end user and their location.

For this job we specified our extended reach hoist which was originally designed to lift people onto a horse. There was no wall or suitably susbtantial structure to fit the hoists to. Consequently the client arranged for a steel RSJ to be buried in concrete to one side of the spa. We then bolted our hoist to the steel.

Usually we would supply a sling or seat sling with the hoist but on this occasion it was decided that the end user would benefit from using the Handimove body support. This drastically speeds up transfer times. The client also chose to have the hoist in a RAL colour to match their hot tub.

If you would like to know more about our hot tub hoists please contact Dolphin on 01276 856060. Alternatively email your enquiry to

BluPool Portable Hoist

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King’s Hall Leisure Centre in Hackney are using the BluPool portable hoist to help people with mobility issues access their pool. The BluPool was specified by Dolphin because of the freeboard design of the pool.

Learn more about specifying the correct lift for your swimming pool by visiting our pool lift guide page.

Maxi Sky 2 Hoists

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The Maxi Sky 2 ceiling hoist is now available to buy through Arjo’s dealer network. Known as the MS2, it replaces the V5 Voyager Duo as Arjo’s standard ceiling hoist.

Arjo Maxi Sky 2 Ceiling Hoist

Dolphin have started to install the Maxi Sky hoists and we have been suitably impressed. We are pleased that the new hoist will continue to use the KWIKtrak rails. This ensures that older units can be replaced without having to install a new track system